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Honestly since I was small I had a huge problem with my underarms being so dark. I grew up with so much insecurity and never being able to wear cute tops, but now ..... I’m so happy with the results this little bottle has given me my confidence back now I’m super excited for summer to show off my arms and not be scared of raising my hand. I mean they say good things come in small portions. I’m never going back to cheap products this is amazing and now I have my whole family hooked on it.

Elizabeth M.

I love it. I was telling [my friend] it’s awesome because I use natural deodorants and usually have to reapply multiple times a day but now with the Pit Kit I smell good all day it’s insaneeee

Holly G

Day four into switching my deodorant routine from commercial brands to strictly Pit Kit I noticed I didn’t have B.O. I went to an intense hot yoga class and was shocked that I had no odor afterwards (I even had a friend smell [my pit] to reassure me it was real life!)

Courtney Lee


The Science Behind Your Armpits

Why Do Armpits Get Dark?

Our underarms should be about the same tone as the rest of our skin. Over-production of melanin can cause dark armpits to develop. This is also called hyper-pigmentation. Reasons for discoloration vary from how often we shave our armpits to what soaps we use in the shower. There are ways to help reduce armpit discoloration. Learn more about how to lighten and care for your underarms.

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